our staff


Headteacher: Mrs K DiMambro
Deputy Headteacher: Mr L Hall
SENDCO: Mrs L Chidlow
Admin Lead: Mrs S Turnbull

Early Years: Mrs C McQuillan
Key Stage 1: Mrs G Anderson
Lower Key Stage 2: Miss K Austin
Upper Key Stage 2: Mrs L Chidlow


Teaching Staff
Support Staff
Mrs K DiMambro
Deputy Headteacher
Mr L Hall
Office Staff
Mrs S Turnbull & Mrs C Harrison
Mrs C Mernin
Mrs D Parkinson
Mrs C McQuillan & Miss F Wilson
Mrs L Hines & Mrs L Fretwell
Year 1
Mrs G Anderson / Mrs J Connon & Mrs Hudspith
Mrs J Hughes
Year 2
Mr A O'Doherty & Mrs C Taylor
Miss D Threadgold
Year 3
Mr D Thompson & Miss K Austin
Mrs S Ali
Year 4
Mrs C Byrne / Mrs J Connon & Mrs A Raynor
Miss A Scott
Year 5
Mr D Maguire / Mrs S Taylor & Mrs R Hodgkins
Mrs M Jordan
Year 6
Mrs L Chidlow / Mrs J Hepplewhite & Mr L Hall / Mrs P Carver
Mr M Sherrin
Learning Support
Mrs L McKean, Mrs G Davis, Mrs R Siddle, Mrs R Sidell
Lunchtime Supervisors
Mr J Chater, Mrs Y Deacon, Mrs A Dillon, Mrs L McKean, All Teaching Assistants
Mr J Chater
Cleaning Staff
Mrs C Caroline, Mr I Spence, Miss C Crane, Ms J Powers

Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School

Seatonville Road, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, NE25 9EG
Main office: 0191 643 2080 | Absences: 0191 643 2088
Email: starofthesea.primary@ntlp.org.uk

Part of the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust
A company limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales. Company registration no: 7841435
Registered office: Fenham Hall Drive, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 9YH