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Year 4 Combat Survival Skills by Ellen and Saoirse

Year 4

February 2, 2024

We had to rescue our Major General who had been kidnapped. We had to carry out challenges to get him free. First of all we had to build tents. You had to remember the questions that you were asked so that you could earn some soldiers. The gold soldiers were worth ten points and the blue and green ones were worth one. Our tents could not have wavy bottoms or be wonky donkeys! Kev was very strict.

After each task we collected soldiers and the winning team could get a key which we needed later on to open a box. Soldiers could also be taken away if we didn’t listen or we didn’t use could teamwork.

Our next task was to carry water from one bucket to another over bridges BUT unexpectedly there was a hole in the bottom of the jug. You had to go quickly or the water all came out and you had to put your hand or your finger over the hole, but you couldn’t go too quickly or you might fall off the bridge.

We had to dress up like soldiers in under 90 seconds. People from your team took turns to bring you different army clothes to put on. When they gave you the camouflage paint you had to put three lines on each side of your face. The colours were brown, black and green.

Eva won the padlock challenge by working out the combination and Niall won the saluting challenge by doing the best salute. We had to crack a secret code in silence because we were in enemy territory.

Then we had to count up all our soldiers to see which was the winning team. The winning team had 129 points.

At the end of the day we tried all our keys in the lock to open the box and Poppy had the right key. We had managed to save the Major General. Hooray!

Thank you Kev and Heather for such an amazing day.

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