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Keeping Safe Online by Beau Year 4

Year 4

January 17, 2024

We had a visit from Dan from Clennell Solutions. He talked to us about keeping safe online.  The most important thing he taught us was that it is important to know that we must tell a trusted grown up if anything makes us uncomfortable or we think it is unsafe.

He told us that anything we put online can still be found years later. This is called our digital footprint. Also anything you put online or in a group chat could be screenshot so even if you delete it it can still be out there.

Dan also told us that 10 is a special number because it is the age of criminal responsibility in the UK because we are expected to know right from wrong.

Being cyber bullied can really make people’s lives sad. We should treat people like we would in real life. No one wants to be bullied or turn into a bully by treating people unkindly online.

We should only be friends with people we know in real life because we don’t know if people are really who they say they are on line. They could be lying and they are still strangers.

You can do things to help keep yourself safe online. Keep your logins private, check your privacy settings, never meet up with anyone you met online.

Thank you Dan, we always think things will happen to other people and not us but now we know how to keep safe online.

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