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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

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Year 5

Remember, in year 5 we have a timetable that we follow. Here is a reminder below.


9.05-9.30  We start the day writing our diary (or challenge book). We also practise our times tables, write out all our spellings for the week and read a little if we have a few minutes left.


9.30-10.30 This is when we will do our maths lesson. 


10.30-10.50 Morning break. Time for some running about and fresh air!


11-12.05. We complete our English lesson now. If we finish in time we also read a little of our class book.


12.10-1.10 This is our lunch hour. 


1.10 onwards. This is where you will complete your afternoon topic lessons.  We also like to spend 15 minutes completing our daily mile and a little bit of our class book. 


The school day finishes at 3 pm. If you are in school and not leaving with your siblings at 3, we like to watch Newsround or a little bit of Horrible Histories!

Welcome to the Summer Term 2021....
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