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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

A place where we Love, Pray, Learn and Grow

What's happening in our class?

Year 5 LOVED the Lego medals they got for completing the First Lego League challenge. They were fun to make and everyone felt so proud wearing them. 

We had such a great time watching The Wizard of Oz , performed by M&M productions. What a fun time we all had! 


We had such an amazing day with That History Bloke, Richard. We learned all about World War 1 and looked into the the life of a war hero, Tommy Young. 


We have had such a great time orienteering with Andy over the last few weeks. We are making a map of the classroom.

Our absence telephone number is: 0191 643 2088...Welcome back everyone! We can't believe it is the last half term for our Year 6 pupils!!
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