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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

A place where we Love, Pray, Learn and Grow

School Council

At Star of the Sea we want the children to have a voice.  Our School council have regular meetings to say how they would like our school to be.  We also meet regularly with Mr Hannah, the Governors and Friends of Star of the Sea.

Below is the current list of our school councillors. 


Star of the Sea School Council 2018-19



Year 1     Robyn and Molly

Year 2     Kai and Elwood

Year 3     Maggie and Ellen

Year 4     Billy and Liam

Year 5     Olivia D and Olivia F

Year 6     James and Rory

Great news! Our copper coin collection raised £200 for charity. Thank you very, very much ti everyone who donated. We consulted our classmates and then had a meeting to decide what to do with the money. We chose 2 local charities to receive £100 each. They are The Bay Foodbank and CHUF (Children's Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital).
School Council News
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The School Council have decided to raise money for charity during Lent.

We have decided to have a 1p and 2p challenge.

Each class has a plant pot to fill with as many copper coins as they can.

Each class will also suggest charities we might donate to.

We hope you enjoy this challenge.


Our new School Councillors quickly decided that the first issue they would like to promote and encourage was the 'Daily Mile' activity in their own classes.  They spoke about it to the whole class and produced a poster as a permanent reminder of the benefits.  They also came up with slogans and challenges for their classmates, such as 'Run, don't walk' and  'Try to do more than the day before'.
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Local Democracy Event for School Councils at North Tyneside Council Offices

Local Democracy Event for School Councils at North Tyneside Council Offices 1
Local Democracy Event for School Councils at North Tyneside Council Offices 2

Healthy Food in School

This term the School Council will be getting involved with promoting healthy eating and snacks in school.  They will be working as a group and passing on positive messages to other children in their year groups and phases.

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Thanks to everyone who visited our stall at the Christmas Fayre.  Lots of you had a go at guessing the name of the cuddly snow leopard.  The lucky winner was Megan from Year 5 and the winning name was Robin.

The School Council will soon be having a meeting to count the profits and decide what to do with the money raised.

We have now carefully counted the money and the good news is we raised £21.50.  After a discussion and a vote the councillors decided to spend the money on CAFOD World Gifts as follows.

Teach A Child to Read £10

Emergency Water £5

A Queen Bee For A Hive £4

An extra £2 was donated to  CAFOD  and the spare 50p went in a Charity collecting tin. 

Well done everyone.

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Absence Line 0191 643 2081.+++++Parent Information Evenings 23rd and 24th September. Details in Parents section++++++++++OUR NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS IS +++++Children need to stay away from school for 48 hours after their last bout of sickness and/or diarrhoea. Thank you.
  • Overall Winner
  • Y5 Mrs Anderson and Y6 Miss Wright - 100%