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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

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TUESDAY - Know that through baptism Christians live the light and love of Jesus

Look at the picture of the people at a baptism in church. Think about these questions -

  • What does the lit candle stand for?
  • How can you show you live the light and love of Jesus?
  • Why is the Our Father a good prayer to say together at the end of the celebration?

Now make a collage or draw a picture of a baptismal candle. Put your name on the candle to show you are part of the family of Jesus.

A family at a baptism

WEDNESDAY - Respond to our topic of belonging

Take time this afternoon to reflect on our topic of belonging and how baptism is the beginning of our life in God's family. Think of anything you might wonder about -

  • What it feels like to belong.
  •  The experience of belonging to their family and the Church family

Download our 'Respond' booklet to plan an end of topic celebration that you could celebrate at home.

As instructed by the Government, we have had to close school to most of our children. Please take care everyone...
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