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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

A place where we Love, Pray, Learn and Grow

Our Staff


Mrs L Chidlow is our school SENCO who can be contacted via the school email address.


Star of the Sea Staff List

Head teacher

Mrs K DiMambro



Head teacher

Mr L Hall


Office staff

Mrs S Turnbull

Mrs C  Harrison 



Mrs A Raynor

Mrs L Fretwell


Miss T Chisholm

Mrs S Taylor    

Mrs M Mitchell

Mrs L Hines

Year 1

Mrs G Anderson/ Mr S Weddle

Mrs C Byrne/Mrs C McQuillan

Miss D Threadgold

Year 2

Mrs K Andrieux/Mr S Weddell/

Mrs C Taylor

Mrs J Hughes

Year 3

Mr D Burton

Mrs R Hodgkins 

Mrs M Keithlow

Year 4

Mr D Thompson 

Mrs J Keane

Mrs M Jordan

Year 5

Mr D Maguire

Mrs J Hepplewhite 

Mrs J Coulson 

Year 6

Mrs L Chidlow 

Mrs P Carver/ Mr L Hall 

 Mrs J Connon 

Learning Support


Mrs L McKean 

Mrs T Lord 

Ms J Byrne 

Mrs J Blyth 



Mrs M O'Brien 

TA - KS1/KS2-IT Mrs B Galloway 

Lunchtime Supervisors


Miss Chater

Mr Chater

Mrs Deacon

Mrs Dillon

Mrs Fretwell

Mrs Hines

Mrs Hughes

Mrs McKean

Mrs Wright

Caretaker Mr J Chater  
Cleaning staff

Mr J Chater

Mrs C Caroline 

Mr I Spence

Miss C Crane

Ms J Powers 



Our absence telephone number is: 0191 643 2088...Welcome back everyone! We can't believe it is the last half term for our Year 6 pupils!!
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