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SCIENCE - Materials activities

Here are four activities for you to do at home to practise your knowledge of materials. You don't have to do them all but they will give you an opportunity to practise the key vocabulary and some important Science skills that we use in class. Have fun!

Materials Activities

Geography - Our homes Session 1


In this session we will use poetry to focus on our homes.  Point to the ceiling and ask chn: What’s above the ceiling? (Chn’s answers may include the roof, the sky, the clouds). Show key word above’ and display above the house outline drawn.  What’s below the floor? (Pipes, foundations, ground). Show and display key word ‘below’. Think of other words for below, e.g. beneath, under, lower, and write them on board. Point to the window and door, then say: If we went outside, what would we see? (Corridor, other classrooms, garden, outside area, bushes, road, playground). Say to chn: These are ‘next’ to our classroom or ‘beside’. Show and display key word. Next say: And what do we see inside? Show and display key word. Then explain to chn: All these words are called ‘prepositions’, they put you in a position; they describe where you are. Now imagine you are in your home.  Discuss with your talking partner what could be above, below, beside, inside your home. Give a few minutes’ discussion time then, as talk partners report back to class, briefly record their responses on house outline on f/c: write ‘above’ house ideas, e.g.: sky, clouds, birds, planes, butterflies, TV aerial; ‘below’ house: worms, spiders, beetles, pipes, underground trains; ‘besides’: garden, other houses, car; ‘inside’: furniture, toys, my family.

Children are to complete the resource 'Our home session 1'. Write and draw what is above your house, beside your house, beneath your house and inside your house. 

Our homes session 1 resource

We break up on Thursday, 1st April 2021 for the Easter holidays and we all return to school on Monday, 19th April, 2021. Next week is Holy Week.
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