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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

A place where we Love, Pray, Learn and Grow

Pupil of the week

Computing - Mrs Galloway

Charlie - for drawing an amazing picture on 2paint in the suite this week.


Reception - Miss Chisholm

Esme - for being an absolute superstar in all areas of learning this week.  Well done Esme!*


Reception - Mrs Taylor

James - for the most fantastic manners and for always being such a lovely friend!  You are a star!**


Year 1 - Mrs Anderson

Pearl - for being the kindest, most caring friend in class this week!


Year 1 - Mrs Byrne and Mrs McQuillan

Jacob - for fabulous maths work using part, part, whole models.  A HUGE well done!


Year 2 - Mrs Andrieux and Mr Weddle

Oliver - Awesome maths - great understanding and worked very hard on the presentation of his work.


Year 2 - Mrs Hodgkins

Lucas - for a much improved attitude to his work, with AMAZING results.  Well deserved!


Year 3 - Mr Burton

Shane - for a steady and sensible approach to all that he does.  He is a fabulous friend and role-model.


Year 3 - Mrs McCarron

Allana - for an amazing attitude and great focus this week, trying hard with everything.  Keep it up.


Year 4 - Mrs Keane

Elizabeth - for working very hard in maths lessons and for writing an excellent animal fable.


Year 4 - Mr Thompson

Tom - for some great work problem solving in maths.


Year 5 - Mrs Anderson

Max - for his excellent efforts in all subjects at all times.  You are a wonderful role model Max.  Well done!


Year 5 Mrs Stevenson

Daren - for a much improved attitude to his work this week.  Also for great work at keyboard.  Mrs Richardson says that Daren is fantastic.


Year 6 - Mrs Chidlow 

Maisy - for doing so well in English, writing her own novel and reading it out to the class.  Well done Maisy, you are an excellent worker.


Year 6 - Miss Wright

Ava - for fabulous writing and always putting great effort into everything.

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