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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

A place where we Love, Pray, Learn and Grow

Pupil of the Week

Sports Pupil of the Week

Lucie - for an excellent achievement in her out of school dance club - winning a trophy for super dancing and for always trying her best.  Well done!


Reception - Miss Chisholm

Jacob - for amazing behaviour and for being a kind friend.


Reception - Miss Moore

Kit - for being such a positive and enthusiastic member of the class with an amazing sense of humour.


Year 1 - Mrs Anderson

Connor - for being a super friend in friendship week.


Year 1 - Mrs Byrne and Mrs McQuillan

Isaac - for producing an excellent story with capital letters, full stops and adjectives.


Year 2 - Mrs Andrieux and Mr Weddle

Hannah - for having an excellent attitude to all areas of school life.  Well done Hannah!


Year 2 - Mrs Hodgkins

Aaliyah - for her kind and considerate manner and being a great friend.


Year 3 - Mr Burton

 Jemima - for a mature and hard-working effort in class this week.


Year 3 - Mrs McCarron

Hannah - growing confidence in all that you do.  A lovely attitude to work and always trying your best.


Year 4 - Mrs Keane and Miss Wright

Casey - for writing such a good poem during friendship week.  Excellent use of rhyme.


Year 4 - Mr Thompson

Franco - for some great answers during our trip to Siemens and always trying his best in all his work.


Year 5 - Mrs Anderson

Arthur - For his sensible start in the new term and his excellent writing in his 'How to live forever' story.


Year 5 - Mrs Stevenson (Mrs Bell)

Georgia - for her positive and hard-working attitude towards everything she does.


Year 6 - Mrs Carver and Miss Wright

Olivia - for her hard-working attitude in maths and English this week.  Well done.


Year 6 - Mrs Chidlow

Jack - for writing a fabulous acrostic poem on Remembrance day.


Mr Hannah

Will - for having an excellent attitude to all areas of school life.

Absence Line 0191 643 2081.+++++School will reopen to pupils on Tuesday. 3rd September at 8:55am. ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME for roadworks and traffic lights on Earsden Road and Seatonville Road.+++++OUR NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS IS +++++Term dates for 2019 to 2020 are now in the Key Information section+++++Children need to stay away from school for 48 hours after their last bout of sickness and/or diarrhoea. Thank you.
  • Overall Winner
  • The overall 2018-2019 attendance winners are Mrs Keane's class with 98.7%