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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

A place where we Love, Pray, Learn and Grow

Pupil of the Week

Reception - Miss Chisholm

Aarav - for absolutely AMAZING doubling this week.  Aarav has shown brilliant enthusiasm and has even taught his friends! * Well done.


Reception - Mrs Taylor

Sophia - for always putting so much care and consideration into her work.  You always spend time carefully planning and adapting your work so that it is your absolute best every time!


Year 1 - Mrs Anderson

Chad - for super work in English on fiction and non-fiction books.  Well done.


Year 1 - Mrs Byrne and Mrs McQuillan

Reuben - for listening so well in class and completing his work with thought and care.  Well done*


Year 2 - Mrs Andrieux and Mr Weddle

Lucie - for always setting an excellent example of good behaviour and for being a wonderful friend to her peers.  Well done.


Year 2 - Mrs Hodgkins

Emrie - for showing outstanding determination and perseverance in all areas of her work, trying so hard in all she does!  Well done!


Year 3 - Mr Burton

Ben - for maintaining an excellent attitude and effort despite breaking his writing arm!  Well done Ben.


Year 3 - Mrs McCarron

Isabel - for amazing progress in Maths and reading.  Well done Isabel, keep up the great work.


Year 4 - Mrs Keane

Joshua - for a super effort, especially in English and Maths for much improved concentration.  Well done and keep it up!


Year 4 - Mr Thompson

Mehreen - for having a great attitude towards her work and always trying her best.


Year 5 - Mrs Anderson

Aidan – for always having a smile on his face and being such a cheerful member of the class.


Year 5 - Mrs Stevenson

Jana – for an excellent and improved attitude in class.  Jana has produced some lovely creative work this week.  Well done!


Year 6 - Mrs Chidlow

Joe - for being a sensible, mature member of Y6 who always produces a high standard of work.


Year 6 - Miss Wright

Sophie – for always doing the right thing and for being a role model in Year 6.

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