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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

A place where we Love, Pray, Learn and Grow

Autumn Term Gold Book

Reception - Miss Chisholm

Charlie - for being a role model to others and for having an amazing attitude to learning.  Well done Charlie!*


Reception - Mrs Taylor

Cormac - for being a thoughtful and kind member of the class.  You have a fantastic attitude in all that you do and you make us proud every single day.  Well done!


Year 1 - Mrs Anderson

Lana = for consistently working hard and making such good progress this year!


Year 1 - Mrs Byrne and Mrs McQuillan

Noa - for being a wonderful member of the class.  You always listen, work hard and you are kind to others.  Thank you!* 


Year 2 - Mrs Andrieux and Mr Weddle

Connor - for having an outstanding attitude, being a wonderful friend and always trying his best!


Year 2 - Mrs Hodgkins

Mollie - for being such an amazing role model to her friends.  Such a friendly, polite girl; always ready to share a smile.


Year 3 - Mr Burton

Evlin - for a fantastic attitude and effort all term, both inside and outside of class.  A fabulous friend and role model.


Year 3 - Mrs McCarron

Eve - for an amazing term.  Always giving your best in everything you do and being a great role model to all.  Well done Eve!*


Year 4 - Mrs Keane

Qiannah - for working so hard and making such good progress this term.  And for being such a helpful member of the class.


Year 4 - Mr Thompson

Addison - for being such a caring, kind and thoughtful member of the class.  He always tries hard and is an excellent role model.


Year 5 - Mrs Anderson

Ewan - for his wonderfully polite manners and attitude all year long!  Well done!


Year 5 - Mrs Stevenson

Joseph is a calm, sensible member of our class.  He is hard-working and such a good role model to others!


Year 6 - Mrs Chidlow

Grace - for being a polite, hard-working member of the class, always having a sensible, mature attitude to school and being a credit to Y6!


Year 6 - Miss Wright

Milo - for being such a lovely member of the class and always contributing with interesting thoughts during class discussion. 

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