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Prayer Life of the School

Year 2 had their annual Mass at Immaculate Heart Church this week, (Wednesday 23rd May 2018). They joined Father Andrew in a lovely service in which they shared very special and heartfelt bidding prayers with their families and the wider congregation. They also sang one of their favourite hymns, 'Share the Light of Jesus'.


Here are some of the bidding prayers they wrote and shared...


Dear Lord,

We ask you to protect us and our families. Keep us safe from harm. Help our parents to guide us to do the right thing, always.

Lord hear us. (Megan)


Dear Lord,

With each beautiful day you send, you bring love to hearts and light to our eyes. We ask you to keep sending your love with start of each new day.

Lord hear us. (Liam)


Dear Lord,

Help and protect refugees and people around the world who have to flee their homes with their children to find safety. May you keep them safe, watch over them and give them strength to carry on.

Lord hear us. (Cian)


Dear Lord,

We ask you to help those who are suffering the loss of a loved one and someone close to them. Please help them to remember their special love or friendship that they have shared and to use this to comfort them in their sadness. (Fran)

Lord hear us.


Dear Lord,

Please help those who have lost their homes. Please help them to find food and water.

Lord hear our prayer. (Qiannah)


Dear Lord,

Thank you for the safe birth of Prince Louis. Please look after all the people that care for him.

Lord hear our prayer. (Ethan)


Dear Lord,

We ask you to help our Year 6 students and all the children that are sitting their SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels exams. We pray that they try their best and don’t worry too much.

Lord hear our prayer. (Tania)

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