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Star of the Sea RC Primary School

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Parish News - Our Lady Star of the Sea

3rd Sunday of Easter 5th May

Easter Sunday Sunday 21st April

8th Sunday of the Year

6th Sunday of the Year 16th 17th February

5th Sunday of the Year

The Baptism of the Lord 12th 13th January 2019

Holy Family Sunday of Advent 29th 30th Dec 2018

16th Sunday of the Year 21st 22nd July

!3th Sunday of Year 30th June & 1st July

The Nativity of St John the Baptist 23rd 24th June

11th Sunday of the Year 16th 17th June

The body & blood of Christ 2nd 3rd June

5th Sunday of Easter 28th 29th April

4th Sunday of Easter 21st 22nd Apr

Bulletin for Palm Sunday 24th 25th March

5th Sunday in Lent 17th 18th March

4th Sunday of Lent 10th 11th March

3rd Sunday of the Year 20th 21st Jan

Epiphany of the Lord 6th 7th Jan 2018

2nd Sunday of Advent 9th 10th December

1st Sunday of Advent 2nd 3rd December

Our Lord Jesus Christ the King 25th 26th November

33rd Sunday of the Year 18th 19th November

3rd Sunday of Advent 16th 17th December

31st Sunday of the Year 4th/5th Nov

30th Sunday of the Year 28th 29th Oct

28th Sunday of the year 14th & 15th October

27th Sunday of the Year 7th 8th October

26th Sunday of the year 30th Sept 1st Oct

24th Sunday of the Year 16th 17th September

22nd Sunday September 2nd 3rd

Absence Line 0191 643 2081.+++++OUR NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS IS +++++Term dates for 2019 to 2020 are now in the Key Information section+++++Children need to stay away from school for 48 hours after their last bout of sickness and/or diarrhoea. Thank you.
  • Overall Winner
  • Year 1 - Mrs Anderson with 98.2%