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Meet our Senco / Co-ordinator.

Mr Lee Hall who can be contacted via the school email address.


Come and meet the staff at our school!

Star of the Sea Staff List 2016-17

  Name of Teacher Name of Teaching Assistant
Head teacher Mr J Hannah  
Deputy Head teacher Mrs K DiMambro  
Office staff Mrs S Turnbull and Mrs C  Harrison  
Nursery Mrs A Raynor and Mrs L Mowbray Mrs S Mitchell
Reception Mrs C McQuillan and Miss S Moore Mrs J Hunter and Miss J Dobson
Year 1

Mrs G Anderson and

Mrs R Hodgkins

Mrs D Threadgold
Year 2 Miss T Chisholm and Mr S Weddell/ Mrs K Andrieux Mrs M Keithlow
Year 3 Mrs F Stevenson and Mr D Thompson

Mrs J Hughes

Year 4

Mr D Burton and

Mrs J Keane/ Miss J Wright

Mrs M O'Brien

Year 5

Mrs R Anderson and

Mrs R McCarron

Mrs J Coulson
Year 6 Mr L Hall and Miss J Wright/Mrs P Carver Mrs J Coulson and Mrs M O'Brien
Learning Support Mrs L Chidlow

Mrs L Fretwell, Mrs J Helmsley,

Mrs L Hines and Mrs M Jordan

ICT Mrs B A Galloway